Rising costs? We can help

From the grocery to the gas pumps, costs are rising. Your electric cooperative can help you manage your bill and save money.

Take control of your costs

Saving energy and lowering costs might be easier than you think. Check out these DIY projects that can help you manage your energy usage.

 Kentucky is our home.

Our cooperatives are owned by and based in the communities they serve. We live, work, pray and play here. We are committed to supporting those communities.

We have options to help your business

Reliable, affordable, sustainable energy fuels Kentucky’s businesses, and we have options to meet the unique needs of the establishments driving commerce and industry in the Bluegrass State.

Doing our part for reliable, affordable power

As the U.S. energy industry evolves, your cooperative is working hard to manage costs while advocating for a common-sense transition that keeps America’s lights on, bills affordable and businesses running.

Cooperative Solar logo

Easy. Affordable. Renewable. That’s Cooperative Solar from Kentucky’s Touchstone Energy Cooperatives. It’s renewable energy that makes sense, from the people you know and trust-your local electric cooperative.