Types of Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid

*Travel 25-50 miles on electric battery, then go to gas engine
*Battery re-charge by plugging into power source

Battery Electric Vehicle

*Travel 200-300 miles; no gas engine, oil changes or emissions
*Battery re-charged by plugging into power source

Price Ranges

*Popular models are $20 – $40k
*SUVs are $50 – $65k
*Luxury sedans are $80 – $110k

Charging times

*120-volt Level 1 charger: usually 3-4 miles of charge per hour
*240-volt Level 2 charger: usually 10-20 miles of charge per hour
*480-volt Level 3 charger: can be as fast as 30 minutes to 80%
*120-volt chargers use a standard plug
**Quick charging can shorten battery life if done too often

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About EVs

About EVs

EV Calculator

EV Calculator

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