Your cooperative is fighting to keep costs affordable

Like groceries, gasoline and inflation, energy costs are rising.

Since mid-2021, the cost of fuel for power plants and market power has skyrocketed. Likely, you have seen the impact on your monthly power bill, especially during hot summer months and cold winter months when your air-conditioning and heating systems are working harder, driving electric usage up.

Your electric cooperative is working hard to keep costs affordable and service reliable.

Understanding charges on your electric bill

Fuel Adjustment Charge FAQ

Environmental Surcharge FAQ

Standing up for our co-op members

July 2022 op-ed: High electric bills are a result of years of unsound energy policies

The leader of the electric cooperative that supplies our power has sent a series of letters to our nation’s President detailing the impact of government policies on the reliability and affordability of electric service to people in Kentucky and around the nation.