Meeting your business needs

Your electric cooperative has helpful options to meet the unique needs of commercial and industrial members.

Interruptible rates
You can qualify for discounts if your facility is on a large power/industrial rate and has the flexibility to reduce power usage to a pre-determined level during periods of heavy electricity demand, while protecting your ability to maintain high power usage with a buy-through option. Wise management of power usage during these periods can lead to big savings.

Economic Development Rider
The Economic Development Rider (EDR) enables approved commercial and industrial members to minimize electric rates over a set period of time. New and expanding businesses requiring substantial amounts of electricity on a consistent basis may qualify for the EDR through a special contract, subject to approval by the Kentucky Public Service Commission. Learn more about our economic development rider.

Large renewable program
Do you want to enter a long-term contract to obtain renewable power from a particular resource? We can help. You determine the type and amount of the renewable resource. Through a multi-party agreement, subject to approval by the Kentucky Public Service Commission, your cooperative secures the resource at a set price for the contract duration, up to 25 years. The best part—no capital investment for you!

Renewable energy credits (RECs)
Renewable energy credits (RECs) provide flexibility for your company or organization to meet your changing renewable needs. You determine the resource type and how you want to participate. For example, you can purchase RECs as a percentage of your monthly electricity usage, as a set dollar amount each month, or as an established number of RECs each month. The annual contract with your cooperative includes a low monthly administration fee.

Cooperative Solar
Our cooperatives own and operate a 60-acre solar farm in Kentucky that generates up to 8.5 megawatts of electricity each day. Under this community solar arrangement, you can license solar panels and, for the next 25 years, receive bill credits for the market value of the electricity they produce, along with the market value of resource capacity and renewable energy credits. We maintain and operate the panels, and you get the benefits! Learn more about Cooperative Solar.

To learn more about these valuable options, contact your local electric cooperative.

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