Shelby Energy Cooperative

About Shelby Energy

620 Old Finchville Road
Shelbyville KY 40065-1714
Office number: 1-800-292-6585


Shelby Energy is a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, which is a national network of electric cooperatives that provides resources and leverages partnerships to help our member cooperatives and their employees better engage and serve their members. By working together, Touchstone Energy cooperatives in 46 states supply reliable, affordable and safe energy to 32 million member-owners every day.

Eighty years ago, businesses, farms and homes outside cities and towns were without electricity. There were no electric lights, refrigeration, power tools or radio.

The reason? These parts of the country were sparsely populated with miles separating some homes. It just wasn’t profitable for a profit-seeking utility to serve these areas.

Rural America began to light up when the Rural Electrification Administration was formed as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Low-interest loans were made available to form nonprofit cooperatives, bringing electrification to the countryside.

In 1937, some of your friends and neighbors in Henry, Shelby and Trimble counties formed Shelby Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation (RECC) and central Kentucky began to light up. Within a year, Shelby RECC was bringing power to 108 consumers. At first it was simple — lights! Then new conveniences like refrigerators, stoves, fans and radios made life easier and more enjoyable.

In 1997 the cooperative’s membership approved a name change to Shelby Energy Cooperative, Inc., to reflect the Cooperative’s involvement in electricity and gas.

Cooperatives are unique businesses. They are organized to provide a needed product or service based on the nonprofit principal. There are no stockholders in an electric cooperative. After all expenses have been paid, any remaining money is returned to the customers as capital credits.

Everyone who buys electricity from the utility is part-owner. Each customer (member) has a vote in the operation of the business and may attend the cooperative’s annual meeting held in June.

Shelby Energy is controlled by a six-member board of directors elected from its membership. The board then selects a President and CEO who, in turn, hires a staff to operate the business.

The cooperative now serves industry, schools, farms, homes and businesses in one of the fastest growing areas of the state. It’s customer base exceeds 15,900 with annual sales of more than $44 million (2016). Shelby Energy has more than $73 million in physical plant and facilities.

If you would like more information about cooperatives and Shelby Energy, contact our offices at 1-800-292-6585 or your local library.

Programs & Rebates


Increase your home’s efficiency and your comfort through simple upgrades like air sealing or adding insulation to your ceiling. Your local co-op can help you identify areas where improvements need to be made and suggest weatherization techniques to reduce heat loss in your home with the Button-Up program. You may also receive up to a $750 rebate for making these improvements! To qualify, your home must be at least two years old and electrically heated. A home energy review including an air leakage test is required before and after the weatherization is performed. So, contact your local co-op before you begin.

Heat Pump Retrofit

Buying a heat pump?

We offer a rebate for that. Members may receive up to a $750 incentive for replacement of an existing heat source that must be either an electric furnace, baseboard heat, ETS (Electric Thermal Storage), or ceiling cable heat, with a high-efficiency heat pump. The heat pump must be rated at 14.3 SEER2/7.5 HSPF2 or higher. This program is for existing homes that are at least two years old and replacing electric resistance heat. New manufactured homes also apply.

All rebates for electrically-heated, residential homes only.

Touchstone Energy Home

Make your dream home a Touchstone Energy Home for superior comfort and energy savings. By meeting a set of energy-efficiency standards, we can certify that your home qualifies as a Touchstone Energy Home. These homes typically use 30 percent less energy than the same home built to typical construction standards.

Simple Saver

The SimpleSaver program is another way that we are working to keep your electricity affordable and our environment healthy. We will pay you up to $20 annually for each central air conditioner you enroll. And you will receive those bill credits each and every year you remain in the program.

Plus you may receive a sign-on bonus of up to $20.

Why are we willing to pay you? Because limiting electric use at peak times during the summer and winter delays the construction of expensive new power plants and helps keep your energy costs affordable. Managing peak load also decreases Kentucky’s carbon footprint and gives all of us more time to explore affordable sources of renewable energy.


The Community Assistance Resources for Energy Savings (CARES) program began in early 2015, and provides an incentive to enhance the weatherization and energy efficiency services provided to the end-use members by the Kentucky Community Action Agencies (CAA) network. EKPC and its owner-members provide an incentive to the CAA implementing the project on behalf of the end-use member. This program is available to end-use members who qualify for weatherization and energy-efficiency services through their local CAA in all service territories of participating cooperatives. The maximum incentive possible per household is $2,000.