Jackson Energy Cooperative

About Jackson Energy

115 Jackson Energy Ln
McKee, KY 40447
Office number: 1-800-262-7480
Website: jacksonenergy.com


Jackson Energy is a Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, which is a national network of electric cooperatives that provides resources and leverages partnerships to help our member cooperatives and their employees better engage and serve their members. By working together, Touchstone Energy cooperatives in 46 states supply reliable, affordable and safe energy to 32 million member-owners every day.

Serving Southeastern Kentucky Since 1938

Jackson Energy was incorporated as Jackson County Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation on July 28, 1938, and has been providing the technology and infrastructure to Southeastern Kentucky for 70 years.

From 380 members in 1939, Jackson Energy has grown with the region it serves. By 1971, there were 21,042 members served by 3,594 miles of electric line. That total doubled again by 1996 to 43,500 members and 5,081 miles of line.

To reflect the growth and development of the co-op and the region, the name of the company was changed to Jackson Energy Cooperative in June 1997. In March 1998, Jackson Energy was among the first cooperatives in the country to become a Touchstone Energy Partner, a national branding program promoting local electric cooperatives. Today, the cooperative serves over 51,000 members.

Programs & Rebates

Simple Saver

The SimpleSaver program is another way that we are working to keep your electricity affordable and our environment healthy. We will pay you up to $20 annually for each central air conditioner you enroll. And you will receive those bill credits each and every year you remain in the program.

Plus you may receive a sign-on bonus of up to $20.

Why are we willing to pay you? Because limiting electric use at peak times during the summer and winter delays the construction of expensive new power plants and helps keep your energy costs affordable. Managing peak load also decreases Kentucky’s carbon footprint and gives all of us more time to explore affordable sources of renewable energy.


The Community Assistance Resources for Energy Savings (CARES) program began in early 2015, and provides an incentive to enhance the weatherization and energy efficiency services provided to the end-use members by the Kentucky Community Action Agencies (CAA) network. EKPC and its owner-members provide an incentive to the CAA implementing the project on behalf of the end-use member. This program is available to end-use members who qualify for weatherization and energy-efficiency services through their local CAA in all service territories of participating cooperatives. The maximum incentive possible per household is $2,000.