EKPC, and its 16 owner-member cooperatives, are required by the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) of 1978 to provide qualifying facilities (QFs) access to its electric grid. The requirements for QFs to gain access to the electric grid system are outlined in the following documents:

Upon review of these documents please complete the following application. Please note all required fields within the form must be completed before you may submit the form. Complete all required fields and click “Submit Form” button.

General Timelines:

  • Review of application data – 2-3 months process
    • Review of existing application data
    • Requests for additional data, as needed
    • Evaluate the need to apply for PJM interconnection queue
      • If required, this will trigger additional studies and time to complete the review
    • Applicant obtains $1 million general liability insurance
    • Complete application review process
  • Submit cogeneration contract to Kentucky Public Service Commission (KY PSC) for review and approval – 30 days to 6 months
    • Timeframe dependent upon KY PSC
  • Interconnection with the grid – 2- 6 months
    • Timeframe not guaranteed
    • Dependent upon equipment requirements and supply chain constraints
  • Commission testing
    • Must be completed by EKPC and/or the member system depending on interconnection arrangement
  • Applicant bears all costs necessary to complete the interconnection to the system”

Additional Resources

PVWatts® Calculator

Cogenerators and small power producers compensation for generation is determined by the PJM locational marginal price in the EKPC Zone. You can view the current LMP prices at